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Malign entities that violate all known rules of nature.

Embrace the Suck

Has anyone ever heard of the carnivore disease?

Blue Monster Brand Cookies

The healthiest cookies that exist, made from the same stuff you are.

The Coincidence Man

I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. When I returned, I found myself still asleep in bed.

N14 to Olifantshoek

N14 into Olifantshoek is the longest segment of straight roadway in South Africa - 100 km of laser-straight road directly into The Hunger

Magic Carpet Ride in Mpumalanga

Let the sound take you away...

You Die Every Time you Fall Asleep

And now a word from out sponsor...

Pass Runner

Sara Kitcher delivers early dismissal passes. And she's good at it - one of the best pass runners Westlands High has ever had.

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