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Most of my work is available for free. Here's the complete set of my content that you don't have to pay for

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Sara Kitcher delivers early dismissal passes during period six. And she's good at it - one of the best pass runners Westlands High has ever seen. When she discovers an anomaly in Westland's attendance records, she decides to investigate. Why has nobody, in the entire history of the school, been dismissed from room 277?


When Sara's investigation becomes a rescue effort, she must complete the highest-stakes pass-running challenge the world has ever known. Success will rid Westlands of a malevolence that has occupied the school since its first graduation. Failure will bring infinite pain, destruction of her soul, and a difficult lesson in factoring polynomials.

(You can also listen to an excellent narration by YoureScaringMe)


I didn't pay attention to the old man ... until he made the world disappear

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N14 to Olifantshoek

The N14 into Olifantshoek is the longest segment of straight roadway in South Africa - 100 kilometers of laser-straight, single-lane highway, straight through the heart of the Kalahari. And straight into the insatiable appetite of The Hunger.


Everyone Said Seven

It's just a normal day. Except that everyone keeps saying "seven"

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Collaborative Tools for the Empowered Workplace

When high-level employees of a small consulting company go missing, the rest of the staff mysteriously acquire their skills overnight. Are the employees simply quick learners, or are does the box in the supply room labeled Collaborative Tools for the Empowered Workplace have something to do with it?

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