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Hello Narrators!

I am thrilled that you are interested in adapting one of my stories for your YouTube channel, or podcast, or creepy-story app, or whatever else you're working on! Thank you for coming here to get permission use my work.  

Great news - you have permission to narrate any of my free stories, provided that you do three things for me:

1) Buy a copy of one of my books for sale: Second Death or Kubai Nix. These are inexpensive (Kubai Nix is only $1.99). However, if you don't yet have $1.99, contact me and we'll work something out.

2) Send me some kind of proof that you've bought it - for example, a screenshot of your Amazon order. Send it. (Send the proof here with the subject: Narration Permission - purchase). If you are inspired, please leave an Amazon review of the book you bought.

3) Send me a link to your channel, or podcast, or website. This is very important - I frequently issue take-down requests for people who use my work without permission. If I don't know who you are, you could get caught up in one of my "sweeps." Please send the link here, with the subject: Narration Permission - link

That's it! I can't wait to hear your adaptation of my story!

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