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Kubai Nix

Chaos. Uncontrollable devastation. That is my plan...

In the game of total, industrialized war, no amount of courage, sacrifice, or even luck can make up for a mismatch of industrial capacity. The Southern Sphere has squandered its resources on Kubai Nix – a mysterious, secret project in the deep desert. With no natural resources or industrial capacity left, the nation will soon be overrun by its enemies. Unless whatever is being built at Kubai Nix can deliver a miracle.

Kubai Nix Cover 2.jpg


Do not speak the names of the dead. Do not pray

Jake Conner volunteered for a dangerous post at an undisclosed location to earn the quadruple hazard pay that would solve his family's financial problems. After the strangest job interview in history, Jake soon finds himself on America's newest battlefield: Hell.


A medieval cybersecurity incident

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