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Almost Reality

You've been invited to test a beta version of reality 2.0

Large Love Model (LLM)

True love, love that is unattenuated by human limitations, has only recently been discovered. Like other world-changing discoveries – discoveries like radioactivity and nitroglycerine – true love was found by accident. And, like radioactivity and nitroglycerine, it has unleashed new horrors on the world.


You don’t just visit Metabolicious for a meal. A day before your reservation, you visit the restaurant for an oral physiognomic analysis


The idea of a restaurant where everything you eat was personally stolen by the waiter, busboy, or sous-chef was too interesting to ignore.

The Extreme Danger of Living Responsibly

David Turner canceled his plans so he could stay home and “catch up on a few things”. This responsible decision ruined his life.

Were Humans Involved?

The AI-dominated future is here, so we might-as-well settle in and figure out how to live in it. 

Hyper-Red Regional Catastrophe Alert

Near-certainty of immediate death. Response-level Wolf.

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