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Were humans involved? Content labels for digital media

Updated: May 18, 2023

The AI-dominated future is here, so we might-as-well settle in and figure out how to live in it. Moving forward, what I’m going to want to know is: who is getting screwed by my choice of digital content to read/look-at/watch/listen-to/etc. This is my brainstorming-quality take on ways we can indicate who and what was involved in the creation of content, and how tenuous the link to a human creator truly is.

I’m just assuming that we’ll eventually have massive and ridiculously complex legal action on the part of human content creators whose works and style are copied by AIs without any compensation flowing back to the humans who generated the training data. That's why I've already tried to build-in content labels that acknowledge future legal restrictions on model creation and generated content.

What about the content labeling for this image? I used AI help to produce it, so it would receive the label 100% Human Prompted.

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